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July 18, 2011

Visual Studio – Toolbox Missing Selections

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Yesterday I noticed that my list of tools to use in Visual Studio was more or less reduced to none. ┬áThis concerned me since SSIS packages are all tools based and well, I can’t really do much if I can only run a backup database task.

Visual Studio - Broken Toolbox

After googling it for a bit, I found the post that explained exactly what to do. The cached toolbox files were screwed up and needed to be regenerated. I started by right clicking and saying “Reset Toolbox” but no luck.

In the end I had to kill all of the tbd files that were created automatically by Visual Studio (more information).

The paths in that post are for Vista and XP, so I found another one that actually defined where to find them in Windows 7 (Visual Studio Application Data Folder).

Make sure to close Visual Studio before trying this or who knows what will happen …

Hope this helps!

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