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May 27, 2011

Day 2 – D2Plug – The Setup

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After my first night of playing with the D2Plug, I read more of the instruction manual and realized that I didn’t actually need to use the JTAG port in order to connect to the console window for the server.  It turns out there is a port conveniently labeled “Console” which when a Micro-B USB port is inserted, this becomes your serial console.  So much for the JTAG board I got with my Guruplug.

It came more or less set up with everything I needed on it built in and ready for me to use.  After an hour and a half of software updates (yay for updating Ubuntu 10.04) and another hour of installation, the system was set up and ready for me to use as a media server (the original reason why I got the Guruplug).

The snag was where to put it.  I tried to take the unit apart at the power supply unit (PSU) and use the plastic pieces to cover it, but that didn’t work too well, the pieces of plastic that came with it to cover this piece of hardware was insanely difficult to get on to the point that I thought that if I were to need to remove it, I would not be able to.  Instead, I ended up just mounting the D2Plug on the wall of the shelf where it will live.

Man was that a much needed swap.  The Guruplug was originally placed in my basement due to the fact that the server sounded like a hair dryer that was constantly going.  Now when I walk downstairs, all I hear is silence.

Both of these products have been great thus far, I look forward to their future releases :).

May 26, 2011

Day 1 – D2Plug

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So I got the D2Plug for Christmas and I immediately started playing with it.  Aside from reading the online PDF, I found it relatively hard to figure out what the default password for the “ubuntu” account (account that comes automatically enabled on the server).

Have no fear, the information is here:

Username: ubuntu

Password: marvell

Reference Manual: http://www.globalscaletechnologies.com/download/D2Plug_QSG_20111011.pdf

Now to get the JTag port working as well as my other external keyboard :)

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